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Fandom 5K 2017: Dear Writer

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am very easy to please and will love anything you want to write, I promise. My only DNWs are noncon (though I tend to love dubcon, especially if it involves unequal power dynamics, dubcon by way of secret-identity issues, and/or tropey nonsense like sex pollen), noncanonical character death, A/B/O, mpreg, horror, zombies, and excessive gore.

Likes: Total AUs, crossovers and fusions, hurt/comfort, competence, adventure, swashbuckling, noir, any and all time-honored fanfic tropes, comic-book ridiculousness, magic and weird science, 5 Times + 1 Time fic, banter/bickering/Belligerent Sexual Tension, teenagers being teenagery and dumb, friends to lovers, people who really care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, geniuses being kind of clueless, mentor/student relationships, UST, travel in space and time and dimensions, True Companions, happy endings, sad endings, canonical character death and rolling around in those emotions (IDK I like to be sad), fix-it fic for said canonical character death, kidfic, curtainfic, domesticity.

Marvel 616
Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, AU - Modern, Canon Style Plot, Established Relationship, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Smut

Julio Richter/Shatterstar
I just want more of these two, always and forever, any way I can get them. I love them in the X-Force era, I love them in X-Factor, I love them everywhere in between and after!

• I will always read a million more fics of how Rictor and Shatterstar got together back in X-Force days, especially if it involves a lot of angst and internalized homophobia on Ric's part, because poor Ric had it really rough early on. I have so many thoughts about how one of Rictor's early associations with being gay was being a supervillain, because of Cameron Hodge and his obsessive-love-turned-obsessive hate thing with Warren that directly led to Ric's kidnapping and torture as a young teenager and the attempted murder of him and his friends. (The original X-Factor was a ridiculously dark book, you guys.) And that maybe colored his feelings about his own sexuality for, like, years. And of course, Shatterstar had his stoic-warrior thing going on where feelings get in the way of warrior honor and stuff, so it cannot have been easy for these two emotionally-stunted babies to get together, but somehow they did, and I would love to read the story of how they did, or their initial breakup, or literally anything from this period because aughhh, my heart.

• On a lighter note (or not!), time and/or dimension travel! Bring Ric and Star back into the past and let them meet their younger selves? Hopping from Mojo's gladiatorial arenas to ancient Roman gladiatorial arenas (or any historical period whatsoever, pick your fave)? Back to the 90s, where they must try to remember all their old slang and pop culture references and become super x-treme and put on a ton of pouches again to fit in while they figure out how to get the heck out of that terrible time? Coming back to the main universe just in time to watch their own funeral, Huck Finn-style? Or pick your favorite alternate Earth, like the Summers Rebellion future (Earth-1191), or Kitty's Fairy Tale which is one of my favorite 'verses of all time, or the one where EVERYONE IS PIRATES (Earth-TRN130).

• Canon divergence where the Hell on Earth War ended differently and they get to spend some actual time with Tier and watch him grow up into a kind, sweet young werewolf god thing and nobody dies and nothing hurts. THIS. WOULD BE. SO LOVELY. Or just any kind of kidfic, where Ric and Star must flail around learning to be unconventional dads to a child or two they acquire through cloning or rescuing or whatever. Suddenly-acquired-a-kid is one of my favorite things ever and I support this so hard.

Nathan Summers/Sam Guthrie
An oldie but a goodie. I love their mentor/student relationship in X-Force, with young Sam trying to live up to Cable's brutal-future-soldier standards, or pushing back against them toward the end. A somewhat functional romantic relationship or something more dirtybadwrong with power issues and/or dubcon would both be awesome <3

• Poor Sam being desperately in lust with Cable, who is a telepath and therefore knows all about it and is put in the position of having to respond. Just. Guh. I would read a million fics of this, especially with Cable being drawn rather unwillingly into Sam's dreams/fantasies because they are just that powerful and that bleeding out into their real-world interactions (mmm, that delicious delicious psychic dubcon).

• Okay, so this is a ridiculously specific and comics-y idea, but what if Sam got transported somehow, either physically or astrally, to Cable's alternate-timeline future/past (i.e. Earth-4935, the grim Apocalypse-ruled future where Cable grew up) and had a doomed romance with a young Nathan while helping him fight and maybe becoming an Askani adept and finding new power within himself? WHAT IF?

• A total AU would also be total-ly rad. I especially like the idea of college AU, and I especially, especially like that mistaken-identity trope where it's "I hooked up with this hot stranger before the semester started but oh no, he's a new student who just transferred into my class D:" Make of that what you will. Or any kind of total AU! Sports AU with a coach/player relationship! Any kind of war AU (please not current/recent wars, but historical stuff would be amazing, or sci-fi futuristic or high-fantasy!) where Cable is the grizzled commander and Sam is his fresh-faced young recruit! Prostitute/cop AU??! Coffee shop!... IDK, I would seriously read any AU that exists, okay.

Invincible (comics)
Action/Adventure, Angst, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, Canon Stye Plot, Character Development, Darkfic, Established Relationship, Fix-It Fic, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama, Slice of Life, Smut, Worldbuilding

Rex Splode
I miss Rex so badly -- after a less-than-glorious start, just when he was proving himself to be actually a pretty awesome guy and a great hero, he has to go and have a heroic death! So any fic set before his death, or him coming back to life somehow because comics, would be fabulous.

• Backstory please! I love the bits and pieces we get in the comics (his origin story, the "Invincible Presents" one-shot) to partially explain why he is the way he is, and I would be over the moon to have that expanded on. Maybe explore his youth as a child assassin for the government, or his early days with the Teen Team as he learned about heroism and being part of a team. I love cocky, self-absorbed asshole young!Rex and I want to know way more about what kinds of trouble he got into in those days.

• As far as ships go, I ship him mostly unrequitedly with Mark (their brief connection and burgeoning friendship that was cut short by Rex's untimely death is super sweet to me, and I could totally see more feelings developing on Rex's side even if Mark is literally the straightest guy on Earth) and with Robot which satisfies my iddy clonecest thing like whoa. If you want to try to make any of that work, or any other friendships or shippy-ships, I am super in favor of it! I would love to see any and all characters with him. (And here is a very specific look into my PWP-y id: science experiment gone wrong leads to sex pollen and Rex being doubleteamed by the Mauler twins. Because. Yeah.)

• In AU news, I would love to see literally any kind of canon-divergent AU where Rex survives that final battle or comes back to life at any point in canon, or any total AU of ANY KIND, or a crossover with any kind of Marvel comics. High school! Wild West! Steampunk! Rex running around with Remy LeBeau having an awesome time and blowing shit up! This is a blank check, basically. Take it and run.

Kate Cha & Paul Cha & Mary & Abraham
My other favorite character is Kate, who has grown from a one-note side character to a complete badass retired superhero/leader of the resistance/mom! Her and her family are everything to me and I want to read anything about her relationship with her brother and her children. (Also her husband: I like the Immortal just fine but I have fewer Feelings about him, so feel free to put him in a starring or supporting role, whatever!)

• I love the mutual protectiveness between the Cha twins and I need them interacting more, stat. Has Paul even met his niece and nephew in canon? Just all the fluffy family feels as the toddlers grow up; I especially like the idea of Kate needing Paul's help if they develop the same multiplying powerset (you can never have too many babysitters when there are superpowered kids around!), and maybe Paul being kind of a bad influence on them what with him being a supervillain's henchman and all. Or show me what Mary and Abraham are like as older kids with their own personalities (maybe one of them shows inclinations of following Uncle Paul into villainry and that keeps Kate up at night worrying??) or even as young adults joining their first superteams, or not. Basically anything exploring this family would be great.

• If, like me, you're into twincest, feel free to turn the Kate & Paul portion of this request into a fucked-up, codependent Kate/Paul and exploring that any way you want, through canon events or any kind of AU. I'd love to read what would have happened if Paul had joined the Teen Team with his sister way back when and they were an incesty but heroic unstoppable force together. Or the other way around -- Kate decides to abandon heroics and go to the dark side with Paul, and together they depose Mister Liu and become the scary, incesty leaders of the Order? I am so into darkfic for this fandom, unf.

• Okay, hear me out: remember that dark future timeline when the Immortal, broken after outliving everyone he ever loved, was the power-mad tyrant of the world and everything was terrible? It would be so, so cool to have Kate and Paul and the kids somehow brought into that future, whether through time-travel from their own time or an alternate reality where they are originally from that time (IDK how, handwave handwave) and are royalty alongside him? Maybe the twins are both concubines in the Immortal's futuristic-tyrant harem (any harem AUs are A+++) and raising Kate's kids and just trying to survive in that dark and dangerous world? A twisted dubcon/noncon-ish threesome in this kind of setting would be my jam.

Crossover Fandom
Action/Adventure, Angst, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Genre Shift, Canon Style Plot, Darkfic, Fix-It Fic, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama, Smut, Worldbuilding

Lando Calrissian/Scott Summers
This is my new crossover OTP, so thank you, nominator! I would love to see the debonair Lando seducing the straight-edge Scott... IN SPACE. (Or anywhere! It doesn't have to be in space!) Pulling in the Starjammers, Corsair, and Scott's daddy issues is A+.

• I am a-okay with any variety of Scott (original flavor early X-Men, original flavor old and terrorist-y, All New time-displaced and determined to strike out his own path) and any variety of Lando (young and smuggler-y, older and Baron of Cloud City, older yet and doing whatever tf he's doing during TFA). Mix and match as you desire! I do like an age difference, with an experienced Lando and a young Scott, but it would also be neat to see both of them as young space adventurers not yet totally jaded by the universe, OR both as adults used to being in positions of command who butt heads a lot, OR however you want to work it!

• There are five million ways you could blend these two universes and I love every single one of them, so go wild, but here are some of my thoughts if you want a starting point: Scott traveling with the Starjammers and ending up in trouble in Cloud City (maybe Lando is an old friend of his father's??)! Lando doing dreaded trade negotiations with the Shi'ar, or running a smuggling route through their territory, and needing Scott's type-A planning skills to survive! Both of them being rebel pilots who clash like whoa but have to work together anyway! Lando and Han and Luke and Leia are mutants in Madripoor (which I do believe has been described in comics canon as a mutant version of Mos Eisley and I LOVE THIS THOUGHT) and boom, here come the X-Men!

• Something I think would be super neat if you're up for it would be a crossover that is also a fandom fusion with basically any other space-y fandom: Firefly, any Star Trek, Jupiter Ascending (! SO MANY QUESTIONS, OOH). Or a total AU, whether mundane (does Lando own a questionably-legal hookah bar called Cloud City and is Scott the humorless cop trying to shut him down???) or not. I am ridiculously easy and I want anything and everything here.

Chato Santana/Bobby Drake
I am not familiar with any version of Chato but the movie version, but I like any Bobby whatsoever: 616, All-New, Ultimate, movieverse, etc. I love fire/ice pairings and I would love to read any scenario that gets these two together in any capacity, whether dark or hopeful.

• The obvious tag for this pairing is Fix-It. Please do fix it, any way you can manage it! I love self-sacrifice, but this is comics so it shouldn't be permanent, right?? :P Whether you want to blend the DC and Marvel worlds together or have Chato shunted sideways into another dimension, or give them both a total AU, I would love to read any of it. What if Chato wakes up after his "death" missing his memories and the X-Men think he's a mutant and take him in, as they do? And Bobby as the straight-laced guy who is attracted to bad boys and can't take his eyes off all those tattoos, unf. Playing with how their powers complement and clash would be so great. I love superpowered sex, just sayin'.

• If you want to give me the "Bobby is a brand-new CPA paying off his student loans by cooking the books for a street gang, but oh no, the gang leader is ridiculously hot in all possible ways and also keeps flirting with him, what do" AU of your/my/our dreams I would love that! Or any sort of AU, honestly. Wild West! IN SPACE! What about one where Chato's kids never died and Bobby flails his way through step-parenting? Or, if you like movieverse and are as convinced as I am that Iceman and Pyro are boyfriends who have a messy breakup throughout the original trilogy, having Bobby take on the new fire-powered boy in school as a rebound would be super fun!

• I like Bobby being gay despite the terrible way the reveal happened in comics, and I would love to see older!Bobby being pushed by All-New!Bobby into exploring that, and I would love love love to see All-New!Bobby as matchmaker for him. I think that would be delicious. Or (you knew this was coming if you read my clonecest thing above) one where mutual lust for the new guy with all the tattoos brings older!Bobby and All-New!Bobby together... intimately. (I am fine with young Bobby being 15/16 here, or hand-wavily older, either way is cool.)

Original Work
Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Development, Darkfic, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama, Smut, Worldbuilding

Male Supervillain/Male Superhero Sidekick
The sky's the limit! For this type of story I'm very into age difference, dubcon, secret-identity porn, Stockholm syndrome, shades-of-grey morality, betrayal, all the dark themes. Or something bright and fun and cracky with a not-exactly-evil villain and a sidekick who really enjoys the "being kidnapped and tied up as bait for the hero" part of the job would also be amazing, so seriously, write whatever and I will love it.

• If you want to go dark, how about a villain whose devious plans involve conditioning his nemesis's young sidekick to be loyal to the villain and to betray the hero at the moment of his choosing? There could be brainwashing or psychological breaking involved, or just simple seduction and emotional grooming. I would be super into dubcon for this, and this is the one exception to my general nixing of noncon -- if you feel it serves your story and your characters, please feel free to go that direction! What if the villain sets up some kind of elaborate plot where he gaslights the sidekick into believing that the hero is actually a villain and the villain is the only one who can be trusted?? Ouch. I would love it.

• If you want to go light-hearted and fun instead, I also fully support that! I would love a villain who's really only performatively villainous (it's just a job, after all) and goes home at the end of the day to his beloved cat and a nice cup of tea, and a sidekick with a finely-tuned sense of genre conventions who's very into having dastardly deeds done to him, and is a huge tease in hopes of getting tied up or sex-pollened and is constantly disappointed that the villain mostly just wants to cuddle and watch Netflix together. Or something with identity confusion where they know each other both in their costumed identities and their civilian ones and hilarity ensues when those wires get crossed. Or something where they know each other's secret identities already and date anyway.

• I'm into this dynamic in any kind of setting: bright and colorful superhero world, realistic and gritty superhero world, modern day, Golden Age, historical, etc. I would also be super interested to explore the idea of superheroes in settings that are non-typical for the genre. They could be superheroes and -villains in the Wild West or IN SPACE or in the ancient world or during the American Revolution or in a futuristic dystopia or just anything. It would be fascinating to see some of the genre tropes play out in an unusual setting. Some of my favorite superpower types are elemental control, science-based, magic-based, time travel/dimension travel, immortality, invulnerability, shapeshifting, being an alien with extraterrestrial powers... feel free to pick any combination of your favorites and explore them in any setting! Or maybe this is a world where superpowers don't actually exists but there are superheroes/villains anyway and they are just super-prepared regular old humans running around in costumes with various gadgets, Batman-style? Go wild, I'll love it any which way. <3

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