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AU Exchange 2017: Dear Writer

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am very easy to please and will love anything you want to write, I promise. My only DNWs are noncon (though I tend to love dubcon, especially if it involves unequal power dynamics, dubcon by way of secret-identity issues, and/or tropey nonsense like sex pollen), noncanonical character death, A/B/O, mpreg, horror, zombies, and excessive gore.

Likes: Total AUs, crossovers and fusions, hurt/comfort, competence, adventure, swashbuckling, noir, any and all time-honored fanfic tropes, comic-book ridiculousness, magic and weird science, 5 Times + 1 Time fic, banter/bickering/Belligerent Sexual Tension, teenagers being teenagery and dumb, friends to lovers, people who really care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, geniuses being kind of clueless, mentor/student relationships, UST, travel in space and time and dimensions, True Companions, happy endings, sad endings, canonical character death and rolling around in those emotions (IDK I like to be sad), fix-it fic for said canonical character death, kidfic, curtainfic, domesticity.

The Mysteries of Udolpho - Ann Radcliffe
Count Morano/Cavigni

This book is one of the undying fandoms of my heart and hope springs eternal that someone loves this ridiculous Gothic romance as much as I do? Especially the villains. :) I love Montoni and his cavaliers, particularly Cavigni, the sly, politically-savvy one who was Montoni's constant companion throughout the novel (and is described as young and hot) -- I have shipped them since my first reading of the book. I also love the moment when Cavigni prevents Montoni from killing Count Morano in that duel, and I would love to read some explanation or exploration of why he did. In an alternate universe! :D

Banditos in SPAAACE AU: Space opera is one of my epic loves. Any kind of space setting would be glorious, from space spaghetti-western to evil empires to space fantasy with ridiculous aliens, or a fusion with a space-y fandom: generic Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Jupiter Ascending, Expanse, all would be great. I could totally see Montoni and his group of gentlemen thugs as a space crime family or space pirates, and Count Morano as a shady space politician! Maybe they are in on a space scam together! Maybe they are space enemies! Maybe Emily has a space spine! In AUs, anything is possible.

Modern-Day AU: I would love to see the great castle Udolpho and all its creepy mysteries, and these awesome villains, reimagined for the modern day! Would it be a white-collar crime AU with Ponzi schemes and insider trading? Would the cavaliers be unscrupulous political lobbyists dealing with crooked-politician Count Morano? Maybe it's a coffee shop or they're reality TV stars or, honestly, annnnythiiiing.

Supernatural/Urban Fantasy AU: What if the supernatural explanations Emily dreams up for what's going on in Udolpho are actually true? Maybe there really are ghosts haunting Montoni and company. OR what if... the banditti are various supernatural creatures?? Montoni as a vampire, Cavigni as a shapeshifter, Bertolini as a werewolf, Verezzi and Orsino as, uh, other monstery things? (I didn't think this all out, but there's definitely potential here.) Historical or modern-day or whatever, this just sounds like a lot of fun.

Invincible (Comics)
Immortal/Kate Cha/Paul Cha
Kate Cha & Paul Cha
Kate Cha/Paul Cha

Kate and Paul fill my favorite niche of slightly-codependent twins with fundamental philosophical differences who are nonetheless fiercely protective of each other. I would love to see their relationship either as gen or as dirtybadwrong incest, and I especially would love to see Paul meet Immortal and become part of his sister's married life.

Kate chose Paul over superheroing and became a villain: I love it when good guys go bad. What if she'd decided that her need to stay with her twin, who was literally the only person in her life for so many years, was deeper than her desire to be a superhero, so she went to the dark side with Paul, and together they deposed Mister Liu and became the scary, possibly incesty leaders of the Order??

Paul chose Kate over henchmanning and became a superhero: I also love it when bad guys go good! What if Paul and Kate had never split up, and instead Paul had joined the Teen Team along with her? I'd love to see how her relationships with the rest of the team would be changed with the addition of Paul, and I'd especially be curious to know how Paul got along with Rex if Kate still dated him (or maybe Paul dated him instead??). If this ends up with Rex in a jealous/protective Cha twin sandwich, I would be delighted. :D

The dark Immortal-ruled future but Kate and Paul are native to that timeline: Okay, hear me out: remember that dark future timeline when the Immortal, broken after outliving everyone he ever loved, was the power-mad tyrant of the world and everything was terrible? It would be so, so cool to have Kate and Paul and possibly Kate's kids in an alternate reality where they are originally from that time and are royalty alongside him? Or maybe the twins are both concubines in the Immortal's futuristic-tyrant harem and raising Kate's kids and just trying to survive in that dark and dangerous world? A twisted dubcon/noncon-ish threesome in this kind of setting would be my jam.

College AU: I am generally a big fan of college AUs and would love to read anything about Kate and Paul Cha, college students, and the Immortal (maybe he is called Abraham here, idk, pick your fave Immortal name), as a professor/dean/whatever. One weirdly specific idea I have is that maybe he's their favorite author and they meet him at a signing and start dating? Identity confusion, with Paul pretending to be Kate online, or if Immortal is somehow fooled into thinking they're the same person? ("Identical" fraternal twins, sure, why not.) Or what if it's a superhero university and Paul starts to drift away into the 'future evil henchmen' crowd and Kate disapproves??? I would read the heck out of that.

Marvel Comics - the Northstar set
Jean-Paul Beaubier & Jeanne-Marie Beaubier & Joanne Beaubier
Jean-Paul Beaubier/Bobby Drake
Jean-Paul Beaubier/Kyle Jinadu

JP is one of my faves of all time. I ship him with half the Marvel universe and I love him in every phase of his life, so you really can't go wrong here. I love his relationship with Jeanne-Marie and will never get tired of them hashing out their myriad issues in fic.

Jean-Paul was never outed as a mutant: One thing I always find interesting about JP is that he originally maintained his identity as Northstar as separate from his career as a famous Olympic skier. What if the incident with Purple Girl at that one competition back in the day never happened or happened differently, he wasn't banned from the sport for being a mutant, and he'd been able to keep his secret identity secret? Maybe his continual quitting of Alpha Flight would've stuck one of those times. Maybe he would've had one of those fun identity-porn fake-love-triangle romances with Bobby or Kyle where they knew him as both JP and as Northstar and he struggled with keeping his secret as romance blossomed for one identity! (I really love this trope, okay.)

Jean-Paul's adopted daughter Joanne never died: So in the arc that led to JP originally coming out, he had adopted an abandoned baby girl who was dying of AIDS. I would so love to read a story where Joanne Beaubier survives (maybe she had a different disease that was more treatable at the time, maybe she was cured through magic or mutant science) and JP raises her as a single dad while also being a superhero/businessman/author/teacher/everything. I would particularly love a story about him having mixed feelings about Jeanne-Marie's influence over his daughter. Or how a romance with Bobby or Kyle is complicated or changed by having to make sure they would be good stepdads for his kid!

Mundane/No Powers AU: This is an umbrella request for shipfic or family fic in any mundane AU out there! Pick your fave! Please don't limit yourself to my ideas, but if you want inspiration: Athletes AU - JP is just a regular Olympic skier, maybe Bobby is another athlete or Kyle is his new PR guy or whatever. University AU - teachers, students, teacher/student, all okay! Musician AU! Coffeeshop! The world of pop art or high fashion! JP is a CEO/Bobby is his accountant! JP is a politician/Kyle is an activist! International art thieves teaming up for the biggest heist ever! Seriously, I would be over the moon for anything.

Marvel Comics - the always-OTP set
Angelo Espinosa/Jonothan Starsmore
Julio Richter/Shatterstar

These two pairings are a couple of my most enduring Marvel OTPs. (I have many, what can I say.) I would be over the moon for ANY AU featuring either of them, so feel free to run with any of these ideas in whatever direction they take you.

Angelo never died and is teaching at the X-School: My stretchy fave Angelo's cruel and untimely death is a constant source of angst for me, and I would love to see an AU where the Church of Humanity attack never happened and he came back into the X-Men fold. I don't have any preferences as to what era this is or which school (Wolverine's, Kitty's, the current Central Park one) or whether any of the younger X-kids are involved, but I would just love to see him and Jono together again (and together) as supposedly-mature-adults with responsibilities! I'm reading the current Generation X book and really enjoying it; if you want to have them come full circle and help Jubilee lead that team that would be FAB. Or anything you like!

Rictor went into gunrunning instead of superheroing: I really love mirrorverse versions of my faves and I think it would be so neat to see what a darker, bad-guy version of Rictor would be like, and how his relationship with Shatterstar would unfold. Either his dad never died and he was never kidnapped by the Right and he eventually became next-in-line to lead the family business, OR everything unfolded as in early X-Force but maybe when he went back to Mexico with Shatterstar it wasn't to stop his family's criminal enterprises but to join in and use his powers to become the powerful and feared crime lord Rictor instead of the superhero Rictor?? Anything along that line would be great!

Mundane/No Powers AU: This is an umbrella request for shipfic in any mundane AU out there! Pick your fave! Please don't limit yourself to my ideas, but if you want inspiration: No-powers high school AU (angry AV nerd Rictor/popular athlete Star? Accidental prom kings? Reluctant gang member Angelo/punk exchange student Jono?)! Historical AU in any setting and time period you like (my faves tend to include "whatever time period I've recently read/watched fiction set in"; Wild West, colonial America, and the hardboiled 40s and 50s are old reliables)! Romance novel pastiche??? Maybe they are pirates or knights or bounty hunters or rebels in a grim dystopian future or or or. ANYTHING.

Marvel Comics - the mentor/student set
Nathan Summers/Sam Guthrie

An oldie but a goodie. I love their mentor/student relationship in X-Force, with young Sam trying to live up to Cable's brutal-future-soldier standards, or pushing back against them toward the end. A somewhat functional romantic relationship or something more dirtybadwrong with power issues and/or dubcon would both be awesome <3

Sam is a Clan Askani soldier under Cable's command: This is weird, but hear me out: what if Sam was native to Earth-4935, the grim Apocalypse-ruled future where Cable grew up, and had a doomed romance with a young Nathan while helping him fight and maybe becoming an Askani adept and finding new power within himself? WHAT IF? I would love to explore that world in any direction you choose along with a whole bunch of angsty pining because of abuse-of-power issues yayyy!

Cop/Prostitute AU: ...Have I mentioned abuse-of-power issues? I like them in fic, I want to read about them and all their related tropes, and there is nothing more abuse-of-power-y than Cable the grizzled vice cop who keeps arresting Sam the young hooker to keep him off the streets, or Sam being Cable's CI who just will not stop coming on to him, ???, profit. Anything along these lines would definitely make my day.

Professor/Student AU: I like the idea of Nate as a professor and Sam as a student in a college AU, and I especially, especially like that mistaken-identity trope where it's "I hooked up with this hot stranger before the semester started and I want to see him again but oh no, he's a new student who just transferred into my class D:" Or anything improper yet oh so tempting between them in this kind of AU. <3

Elysium (2013)
Max da Costa/Julio

I loved this movie and I came out of it pretty firmly convinced that Julio was in love with Max, and I would just love to read any shipfic! I adore these two and their intense loyalty toward each other, and anything that gets them together would be fabulous. I'd be happier with a fic without Kruger in it, but Frey and Matilda or Spider and his crew would definitely be appreciated.

Everybody Lives/Nobody Dies: The extreme tragedy of this movie is catnip to me, but fix-it fic has been on my mind a lot. What would've happened if Julio had lived past that shootout? Would he have gone up to Elysium with Max, or with Spider? He might have figured out a way for Max to survive... and what would the two of them do post-movie? I'd love to read about how two people who've spent their lives surviving the criminal underworld could make it on Elysium or back on the not-quite-as-nasty version of Earth post-movie.

Max and Julio grew up on Elysium: The movie... flipped??? Diego Luna and Matt Damon are very pretty all dirty and tattooed and rough, but it would be neat to read about them as the exact opposite: two sons of the privileged elite floating above it all in their space station, who somehow get involved in the revolution down on the planet! Maybe they meet Frey and Matilda on a business trip to Earth, or get hijacked by Spider. Maybe they're perfect space husbands who live in a house that gets crashed into by one of the ships that makes it through to the space station? It would just be cool to read anything in opposite-verse.

Jupiter Ascending
Caine Wise & Kiza Apini
Caine Wise/Stinger Apini

I really enjoyed a lot of this movie for how over-the-top and iddy everything was, but my favorite top was the sad bee space-cop dad, his tragic sickly bee daughter, and their relationship with everybody's favorite albino werewolf angel bounty hunter. I definitely ship Caine/Stinger either as something long-term or as commander-and-soldier-with-benefits, and either a cool-stepdad vibe with Kiza or them being buddies who team up against Stinger would be fabulous. Feel free to use Jupiter and other characters here, or not! Your choice!

Caine and Stinger never left the Legion: If the attack on the Entitled had never happened, my guess is that Caine and Stinger might still be traversing the galaxy doing whatever it is that Legionnaires actually do. (I'm guessing... fighting and stuff?) I would love an AU where this is the case, which might mean that they never intersected with Jupiter at all because they were off on the other side of the galaxy -- or, if the Legion can be hired or swayed into helping out Entitled in their private business wars, maybe they might even be part of the weapons the Abrasaxen use against her? :o Any direction you want to take this would be so cool.

Modern-Day Cops AU: Strip away all the sci-fi and fun costumes and you have a really neat dynamic for a cop story: the gruff but kind captain, his smart, spunky daughter, and the impetuous, romantic rookie. What would the plot of Jupiter Ascending look like in a mundane Earth setting? I imagine Jupiter as, like, the surprise illegitimate daughter of a business tycoon who inherited a quarter of the company in her will, and her terrible half-siblings are doing underhanded things to steal it from her, and somehow the bee cops and their favorite wolf get involved in protecting her? Or just any mundane casefic would also be neat!

Middle-earth Book Canon (Silmarillion)
Beleg Cúthalion/Túrin Turambar
Finrod Felagund/Beren Erchamion
Sons of Fëanor (any/all!)

The Silmarillion is one of my enduring fandoms from way back, and lately I've been hankering for some less-serious AUs. Give me all the fun Elf/Elf and Elf/Man romance or smut or adventures, or anything with any of Feanor's boys (I am totally fine with brother/brother incest when it comes to them, so if you have a fave Feanorian pairing, please feel free to use it! Or gen family stuff would also be wonderful! I am so unpicky.).

Accidentally Got Married: I'm a big fan of cultural differences leading to surprise misunderstandings and crack marriages. Marriage via participating in a cultural ceremony Finrod doesn't quite understand despite thinking he totally groks Mannish customs, or Beleg and Turin pretending to be a couple to avoid being pressed into marriage to some lovely elven maiden leading to actual marriage under some obscure law, or Maedhros and Fingon getting drunk at one of Tulkas's parties in Valinor and waking up to find Nessa has decorated the bridal suite for them because they drank out of the same significant cup and to the Valar that means they're married... I mean, the crackier the better here! Accidental or pretend marriage leading to feelings if none existed before (or bringing them to light if they did) is also one of my favorite things in fic, so bring it on.

Boy Band AU: ...Okay, but what if these guys were in a boy band. That is it. That is my prompt. I honestly have no big ideas for this one, for which I'm very sorry, but I'd love any and all stories about it.

Modern-Day Royalty AU: A la Roman Holiday or The Prince and Me, what if one of these characters is secretly the prince of Madeuplandia who disguises himself as a college student, reporter, taxi driver, bartender, or whatever to escape the weight of royal responsibilities/arranged marriage/consequences of scandal/etc. and falls in love with a spunky commoner who has no idea who they are? Alternately, both of them being royal and having an arranged marriage for political reasons would also be A+++! Especially if they dislike each other at first out of contrariness and that grows to grudging respect and then ~love~. Or anything you like!

Middle-earth Book Canon (Silmarillion)
Fëanor/Rúmil of Tirion

Teacher/student relationships are a (not-so-)secret weakness of mine, and especially one where the student becomes greater than the master (or, let's be honest because this student is Feanor, always pretty much thinks he's greater anyway). I think epistolary fic or something in a non-traditional format (Rumil's increasingly-frustrated notes on Feanor's graduate thesis?!) would be super neat here, but I would gladly read anything about these two.

University AU: This could be modern-day, or set at Oxford in Tolkien's time, or the Renaissance, or any kind of university setting whatsoever. As above with my Marvel request for Nathan/Sam, one of my favorite tropes is mistaken-identity where a professor hooks up with an anonymous hottie before the school year starts and then, oh no, he's sitting there in class at 8:00 Monday morning D: Or Feanor pursuing Rumil with the same kind of intense fervor he does everything would be grand! If you love the linguistics stuff in their relationship please feel free to make that a part of their romance; I adore that kind of geekery and am all here for it.

X-Men/Deadpool Movie Franchise (Wolverine/Logan)

I loooved this movie, and I loved these kids! They are both so brave and fierce and damaged and wonderful. Rictor (who is my comics fave in a totally different context, so it was both amazing and puzzling to find him in this film) being the leader/protector of the younger kids is my fave. And Laura's otherworldly silence and being a tiny whirlwind of claws and violence is perfection. They're great and I want to read everything about them.

The kids got caught by the Reavers and hauled back to Transigen: I love them, so I want to see them hurting? It's sad but it's true. If Logan hadn't shown up at the end, I think the poor kids would've been sedated and in trucks on the way back to Mexico in five minutes flat. All the angst about freedom and escape attempts as they are molded into living weapons, please. Or you could write something set years later in this AU when they finally manage to escape or burn Transigen down around them, this time as deeply traumatized and pissed-off adults rather than scared, defiant kids.

X-Men Waiting At Eden: On the exact opposite side of the spectrum, how about a happy-ish ending where we learn that the X-Men faked their own deaths and are waiting across the border to greet the kids? Please feel free to use any group of X-Men you like; it would make my heart happy to see some of the younger generations represented in film-verse, like comics-Rictor's friends from X-Force and the New Mutants, or comics-Laura's cohort from New X-Men/Academy X. Or the group from the original X-Men movies, older and wounded but surviving... it would be so nice to see Rictor and Laura and the other kids get to actually be kids for a while. <3

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