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Yuletide 2014: Dear Writer

First of all, thank you for choosing one of these excellent fandoms to write for! I love them all and am excited to read anything you write. (Note: despite this journal's name, my AO3 name is VanaTuivana. Just so we're all clear.)

Things I love: If I actually went through everything I loved, this would be a long list because I really enjoy all kinds of fic with very few exceptions. My particular turn-ons include: tropiness and fanfic cliches, comic-book-style OTT ridiculousness, quiet thoughtful character studies, banter and bickering and Belligerent Sexual Tension, hurt/comfort, stylistic standbys like Five Times + One Time fic, crossovers and AUs, holiday fic of any stripe, happy endings, heartbreaking endings, people who care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, teenagers being dumb teenagers and fumbling around trying to figure stuff out, smart people being brilliant in their own specific ways but maybe also pretty clueless in other ways, time travel/space travel/dimension hopping, friends to lovers, magic and weird science and other handwavy explanations for comic-book plots.

Turn-offs and DNWs: Rape and non-con, and generally dub-con (except for obviously tropey ridiculousness such as sex pollen, which I will never not read). Horror, zombies, excessive gore (people get hurt in my fandoms and I'm fine with that, but please don't take delight in carnage).

Fandom: Cable and X-Force
Characters: Forge, James Bradley
Optional details: James Bradley/Dr. Nemesis is one of my favorite characters in all comics ever and I'd love to read anything about him and Forge. Two mutant geniuses bickering over ridiculous science while flying through space/fighting giant dragon beasts/playing with battle mechs/doing anything just as ridiculous and fun? Yes please, more of this. I love them as a cantankerous partnership or paired up with delicious Belligerent Sexual Tension. In no real order of preference, I would love to read: a missing scene during the series when the two of them were "lying low" in Mexico or at Forge's super-sekrit underground base; the continuing madcap adventures of Doc and Skitch post-series after the team breaks up; the ramifications of the mind-linky plot that had them wandering around each other's mindscapes; and/or Dr. Nemesis' empathic starfish, from the X-Club miniseries. ANYTHING with the starfish.

Fandom: X-Club (Comics)
Characters: Kavita Rao, James Bradley
Optional details: In case my Cable and X-Force request above didn't already clue you in, I love James Bradley/Dr. Nemesis a whole lot. I adore the whole silly adventure of the X-Club miniseries and mourn their untimely breakup due to universe-wide shenanigans. And I definitely ship Dr. Nemesis and Dr. Rao and am up for gen or shipfic for the pair of them! In no real order of preference, I would love to read: just another day in X-Club, whatever wacky and weird science adventures that may entail; shipfic with the starfish as a catalyst to one of them making a move on the other; time travel shenanigans, especially if they go back to Dr. Nemesis' darkest days in the 1940s and explore his past as Dr. Death, or else just go swing dancing or something; and/or Christmas in the Office of Pure Empirical Science, as grinchy or ridiculous as that might end up (e.g. "On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me / Three mutating strains of necrotizing bacteriaaa~").

Fandom: Alpha Flight
Characters: Heather McNeil Hudson
Optional details: Alpha Flight was my first comics fandom and still a big favorite of mine -- I think I've requested this every Yuletide since I started participating! This year I'm asking for fic about Heather Hudson, aka Vindicator, who is a character who's changed so much since she started out as the non-super of the team way back in 1983. I'm familiar with all volumes of the comic, and I'd particularly like to read something set in Vol. 1 (Alpha Flight Classic) or Vol. 4 (the Fear Itself maxiseries). I do ship Heather/Mac, but I'm open to any other relationships or friendships or Heather as a single lady as well! In no real order of preference, I would love to read: anything pre-Alpha Flight, in the misty long-ago days when Mac was the hotshot young scientist and Heather was the secretary crushing on him from afar; a scene from early on about how Heather deals with being married to a superhero who's constantly being killed/cloned/cyborg-ized/etc.; post-Fear Itself, how Heather picks up the pieces of the Unity disaster and what happens to her and baby Claire after the end of Vol. 4; any adventures from when Heather was leading the team, involving any and all Flight members (my particular choices are the ladies -- Jeanne-Marie, Kara Killgrave, Narya, Marrina, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen... but I mean pick whoever you want, honestly, I love everybody in this darn series).

Fandom: Generation X (Comic)
Characters: Angelo Espinosa
Optional details: Angelo is one of my favorite characters in any comic ever. I love him alone or with Jono or any other GenX character; I ship Angelo/Jono in particular but I love them as friends, too, either way is awesome. In no real order of preference, I'd love to read: exploration of Angelo's early life in the barrio and who he was pre-mutation; more adventures of GenX with an Angelo focus -- wacky or bittersweet or scary or super-90s or all of the above; anything at all about him during that time he moved back to LA while Jubilee was trying to be an actress (especially if this involves Jono coming to visit from his big important new life as an X-Man); and/or fix-it fic for... you know, the Chuck Austen thing (I have Ideas involving time travel and such, or else just pretend it never happened).

Fandom: Elysium (2013)
Characters: Julio, Max da Costa
Optional details: Such a beautiful, action-y, devastating movie this was; I've read the criticisms and agree that some of the worldbuilding and character arcs were weak, but for all that I still love it. I walked out of the theater the first time I saw Elysium pretty convinced that Julio was in love with Max, so clearly I ship it and would dearly love to read shipfic, but I'd also adore friendship fic with these two and their intense loyalty to one another. I'd be happier with a fic without Kruger in it, but Frey and Matilda or Spider and his crew would definitely be appreciated. In no real order of preference, I'd love to read: Max & Julio backstory, especially about how they first became friends and how that friendship evolved up to the start of the movie; Julio being in love with Max forever and whether Max knows or realizes or reciprocates (and if this leads to dirty porn I am all for it, just to note); and/or an AU in which both of them survive the movie and how two people who've spent their lives surviving the criminal underworld could actually survive on Elysium or back on the not-quite-as-nasty version of Earth post-movie.

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