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Fandom Growth Exchange

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Arwen & Galadriel
Arwen & Celebrían
Arwen & Arwen's Daughters
Celebrían & Galadriel (LOTR)

As you can tell from the character list, I went with mother-daughter, mother-granddaughter relationships. I would absolutely love anything sweet and/or sad about the relationships among these characters. I especially love the bittersweet notes among the women: Celebrian’s tragic fate, Arwen’s choice of mortality, powerful Galadriel unable to keep her family with her. But something more optimistic would also be grand -- what about Arwen traveling with her daughters through a rejuvenated Gondor, or young Celebrian asking her mother for stories of Valinor, or Galadriel standing at her granddaughter’s wedding or meeting her young great-granddaughters for the first time? Fairy-tale and magical elements would be excellent as well, or if you want to go AU where Celebrian never left or something and just make everything a little more cheery, that would be amaaazing.

While I’m totally fine with including romance in the story, I’d prefer a gen focus and canon-only pairings, please.

The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien
Fëanor/Rúmil of Tirion

Teacher/student relationships are a (not-so-)secret weakness of mine, and especially one where the student becomes greater than the master (or, let's be honest because this student is Feanor, always pretty much thinks he's greater anyway). If you're a nerd like me and want to pull lore into it, I'm in love with the linguistic history Tolkien created for his characters and would adore anything that plays with some of the quirks of Quenya and the Sarati/Tengwar or addresses the s/th shift or the Telerin dialect or anything! I'd especially love something from Rumil's perspective on his prized pupil growing up into the greatest of all the Noldor, and all the great and terrible things he brought about for their people.

Any rating is okay, from platonic affection to dirty porn.

Tolkien - Works
Gildor Inglorion/Maglo
Legolas Greenleaf/Maglor

Poor Maglor, the last Feanorian, wandering the world through the ages singing laments for his kin, is very appealing to me. I didn’t nominate these pairings, but when I saw them on the list I said UM, YES PLEASE. Hurt/comfort would be grand for either; bittersweet meetings and partings, first times. I would love some exploration of Gildor’s identity (I love the idea of him somehow being Finrod’s son and therefore possibly entitled to the currently-unclaimed crown of High King of the Noldor -- crownless King of a vanished people, this hits my epic tragedy buttons like whoa) and maybe Maglor helping him come to terms with that. I’m also a big fan of Fourth Age & Beyond stories

And the sea-longing with Legolas dovetails so beautifully with Maglor wandering the shore for all eternity, so anything post-LoTR with the two of them and their issues with the West? Five times their paths didn’t cross and one time they did, or vice versa? I feel like all my ideas here are really sad, but something happier would also be awesome, I promise! And any rating, from soft romance to dirty porn, will make me perfectly happy for either of these pairings.

Marvel (Comics)
Molly Hayes & Tommy Shepherd
Doreen Green/Nancy Whitehead

Molly and Tommy, hilarious buddies forever. I am charmed errytime by how good Tommy is with kids, and any of their continuing adventures and explosions and pranking the rest of the Young Avengers/Runaways would be so amazing. Something light-hearted and fun, please! They both have so much heavy stuff in their lives, they deserve some time to just be kids. I love all the YA/Runaways characters, as well as any time Tommy is in the same frame as Quicksilver and/or Magneto (SO MUCH), so please feel free to bring in anybody for all the found-family feels, it’s all good.

And Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is DIVINE, I adore BFFs Doreen and Nancy, the sunshine and the snark, and would love to see either them just going on adventures being best buddies, Nancy being the perpetually bemused normal in their little gang of animal whisperers, or the beginnings of a romance, the tropier and more Genre Savvy the better. I love wacky comic book science/magic/mayhem, so feel free to throw in sex pollen or Doombots or maybe Nancy temporarily developing cat powers for some reason (Cat Thor??!) or literally whatever.

X-Force (comics)
Roberto da Costa/Sam Guthrie
Roberto da Costa/Sam Guthrie/Tabitha Smith

Sam and Bobby! BFFs to lovers is one of my things, especially when it’s a little bit awkward negotiating the switch, or the whole “everybody can see it except us” thing. Romance or UST or dirty smut, I will take whatever. Also: sex pollen, aliens made them do it, fake-dating for whatever reason, my love for tropes knows no bounds.

Sam and Bobby and Tabby! M/M/F triangles are my FAVORITE kind of triangles and I also love the best-friends-competing-for-a-girl situation, or maybe Sam/Tabby is established and they bring Bobby in for some lovely sandwich action and a piiinch of jealousy on any end. Or Sam/Bobby is established, same deal. Sweet, sad, romantic, porny, desperate “last chance at the end of the world”, I am okay with it all.

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