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Chocolate Box 2017: Dear Writer

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am very easy to please and will love anything you want to write, I promise. My only DNWs are noncon (except powers-related for Kara Killgrave; dubcon is generally fine, though), noncanonical character death, horror, zombies, and excessive gore. There are about a million things I like and not very many things I don’t, so I’ll just copy my general-likes section from last year:

Total AUs, crossovers and fusions, hurt/comfort, competence, adventure, swashbuckling, noir, any and all time-honored fanfic tropes, comic-book ridiculousness, magic and weird science, 5 Times + 1 Time fic, banter/bickering/Belligerent Sexual Tension, teenagers being teenagery and dumb, friends to lovers, people who really care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, geniuses being kind of clueless, mentor/student relationships, UST, RST, travel in space and time and dimensions, True Companions, happy endings, sad endings, canonical character death and rolling around in those emotions (IDK I like to be sad), fix-it fic for said canonical character death, kidfic, curtainfic, domesticity. I adore drabbles and poetry so, so much.

Now for my fandoms and pairings:

Marvel 616
Alpha Flight Classic: Jean-Paul Beaubier/Walter Langkowski, Jean-Paul Beaubier/Walter Langkowski/Jeanne-Marie Beabier, Kara Killgrave/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Kara Killgrave/Heather Hudson
  • Jean-Paul/Walter and Jean-Paul/Walter/Aurora: a messed-up dynamic, with Aurora in the middle of everything for the guys even when she’s not in the room, and kind of delighting in the emotional rollercoaster she puts her brother and her lover through. The issue where Walter died (remember that fun time?) and Jean-Paul told Aurora that he’d loved him too -- augh, my freaking heart is two sizes too small to deal with all this. Anything angsty and twisty would be perfect: manipulation, dubcon, something with Walt’s animal urges as the Sasquatch transformation gets more difficult to control, Aurora’s fractured mind and personality, Jean-Paul being jealous of Aurora for having Walt’s love and jealous of Walt for having Aurora’s??? Or Jean-Paul/Walt in something slightly more fluffy and healthy during one of Aurora’s many disappearances.

  • Kara/Jean-Paul and Kara/Heather: Okay, so I kind of adore Kara in all her guises - the selfish young teen trying to figure out how to use her supervillain dad’s powers for good but slipping up a LOT because it’s too easy to use them for bad, the capable member of Beta Flight itching to move up to the big leagues, the anti-Unity freedom fighter/villain/maybe even hero? from the Fear Itself maxi. I actually really love her first appearance when she made Jean-Paul “play Adam and Eve” with her on that tropical island utopia because what else is a hormone-crazed teenaged girl going to do with powers like hers, and I’d love to see that episode expanded on, or repeated once she’s older and less innocent/conflicted about what she wants from him? (I like it when Jean-Paul hurts, you see. Sorry.) On the femslashy side of the coin, I love Heather as her teacher, mentor, role model, mother figure, and I’d love a fic about their relationship getting a little more intimate. Kara as initiator, please, and I’m okay with any level of consent or powers-related non-consent from Heather.

X-Factor vol. 1: Julio Richter & Hank McCoy, Julio Richter/Rusty Collins, Julio Richter/Bobby Drake
  • Can I just talk about Rictor for a minute? I loved him from X-Force and the third volume of X-Factor before I ever read the first volume, in which he made his first-ever appearance way back in 1987 as a terrified kidnapped teenaged mutant, and my heart just broke for him from that first issue. He and the rest of the kids had so much trauma to heal from when they were first picked up as wards by the original-X-Men-turned-X-Factor, and while I love everything good that happened to him later on through Shatterstar and X-Factor Investigations and RicStar is my OTP to end all OTPs, I’d love to see him get a little happiness back in the bad old days before Star ever came to Earth. With Rusty, because Heroes Love Redheads (and Rictor loves redheads exclusively, it seems) and he always seemed to look up to Rusty and want to prove himself to him. With Iceman, the youngest original X-Man and maybe the one with the most personal empathy for a lost scared youngster with all that power he doesn’t know how to deal with. Or friendship/mentorship with Beast, with whom he sometimes seemed to have a special bond: playing checkers in the hospital wing, getting a big furry hug, just feeling safe for once. Aww. All the fluff and hurt/comfort and baby-gay discoveries and 80s-ness would be great.

  • If you'd like to explore any of these pairings in other comic-book eras, rather than the original X-Factor when Ric was just a kid, that would be awesome! Especially since regular!Bobby has been confronting his sexuality lately thanks to All-New!Bobby, it would be super interesting to see him and Rictor interact in the present-ish once RicStar come back from the Mojoverse (still waiting on this one, Marvel!). It would also be fascinating to see a closeted post-X-Force-era Rictor having uncomfortable conversations with Beast, who in the early 2000s was falsely claiming he was gay for a while to make a political point about tolerance or something? 2000s comics, lol. But I would love to find out what Ric, who I believe was with X-Corporation in Paris at that point, thought of that, and if he ever asked Hank about it. Alternately: Rictor, Shatterstar, Beast, adventures in time travel thanks to Beast's current slow descent into near-supervillain levels of playing with the timestream??? I don't know, I'd just love to read it.

Generation X: Angelo Espinosa/Jono Starsmore/Everett Thomas, Sean Cassidy & Angelo Espinosa
  • Angelo is my GenX baby. I love the grey stretchy guy to bits; don’t even get me started on how mad it makes me every time I think about how he got screwed over by X-Men comics (I am looking at you, Chuck Austen). And I love his special bond with Jono, the other misshapen misfit, and his bro-ship with Everett, Mr. Perfect who can do everything better than everybody else. I'd love to get the three of them together, either as a three-way relationship or a V with Angelo at the center, with any dynamic you like for that, functional or dysfunctional, loving or jealous or desperate or anything in between: a quiet moment between team adventures, an adventure of their own (the more 90s the better), something sad, something fluffy, maybe a fix-it for Ange and Ev’s deaths or something where they come back to life somehow, because COMICS. Also, Angelo’s ‘spy training’ with Banshee is one of my favorite things in all GenX comics, and I’d really love to see more of that mentoring relationship for all the squishy nostalgia feels with two characters I really miss. <3 Any point in the timeline would be great! Either back in their original run, or at any point after that; if you want to AU it so that Angelo and Everett are still alive and joined the X-Men with Jono, or formed a different team, or are teaching at Wolverine's school too, feel free! One trope I adore is Came Back Wrong -- what about Jono and Angelo facing down supervillain Everett after his return from the dead? D:

X-Club, Cable & X-Force: James Bradley/Forge, James Bradley & Empathic Starfish
  • Dr. Nemesis! I love this guy in everything he touches and I just want more of his snark and attitude and ridiculous ego. My headcanon is that the empathic starfish from X-Club is now his pet and best friend, and anything with the two of them bickering in the style of the comics would be grand. And this is a long shot because I feel like nobody but me even read Cable & X-Force, much less liked it (please read it, it's a few short TPBs' worth of fun and delightful Cable-style adventuring, raging against a bleak future, unsanitary brain surgery, and travels inside the mutant mind~~), but I was so enamored with Nemesis and Forge’s cantankerous bickering and oneupmanship and SCIENCE BATTLES in that title and I ship them like whoa. Just… battle mech, dinosaurs, clones, spaceships, making out, yeah, anything here would make my LIFE. It would be amazing to see a mindswap plot or suddenly-mind-linked thing as a result of the journeys they took inside each other's mindscapes, and especially if it all ends in smut. :)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Tomas Lara-Perez/Ken Shiga
  • So my love for Ken is only growing the more we learn about him in the comic, especially his Seriousness about Justice, his propensity for punning, and the artistic hints and Word of God confirmation that he is transgender. I'd love to know how he and Tomas became friends/partners before Doreen came along, I'd love to read an early adventure of theirs, and I'd especially love it if they made out once in a while during their superhero-training montage. As a side note, Koi Boy's jokey unexplored power of "slowly growing to fit his container" is incredibly intriguing to me despite being just one throwaway line that may never come up again, and I would so love to see that become useful somehow in superheroing. Or in smut. Just sayin', friend. :) I'd prefer no excessive angst or transphobia, just fun happy superhero times and positive representation and yeah!

The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Gwen Poole & Georges Batroc
  • My favorite comic of the year! I have seriously, seriously enjoyed this whole series, the whole team and their relationships, but my favorite thing is Gwen being mentored by Batroc the Leaper; I love that he is both a ridiculous French stereotype and the serious "adult" of the team, and I think he makes such a good foil for Gwen's immaturity and failure to take anything seriously. Their relationship is amazing and I just want to see anything more of that. Batroc's Very Secret Diary-like perspective on Gwen and the whole MODOK mess, or more training montages, or introducing Gwen to some other mercenary characters, or protecting her from her own foolhardiness. Just anything!

Invincible (Comics)
Kate Cha & Paul Cha, Kate Cha/Paul Cha, Kate Cha/Paul Cha/The Immortal, Paul Cha/Best Tiger, Mark Grayson/Rex Splode, Rudy Conners/Rex Splode, William Clockwell/Rick Sheridan, William Clockwell/Rick Sheridan/Mark Grayson, Mauler/Mauler Clone

  • Kate & Paul, Kate/Paul: Kate has grown into one of my favorite characters in this whole enormous series, and I just love the protective relationship between her and her brother Multi-Paul. I’m in this for the platonic sibling relationship as well as the fucked-up twincest/clonecest possibilities, and I’d love to read anything about their teenaged years as a crime-fighting duo, or their split as Kate went into big-league heroing and Paul became a villainous henchman, or family feels with Kate’s babies (has Paul even met his niece and nephew?). Anything here, seriously.

  • Kate/Paul/The Immortal: If you read my Alpha Flight request, you know that I have a thing for dirty M/M/F twincest threesomes founded on jealousy and possessiveness. Need I say more? Okay, here's some more: I'd love to read about Paul returning after Kate's marriage and working his way into the relationship between his sister and the Immortal. I think this could get violent really fast, and hot even faster, and if you can make a smutty interlude work with multiple Kates AND multiple Pauls and the Immortal just trying to keep up, that would be... pretty darn amazing. Otherwise, just daily life, taking care of the babies, maybe Paul trying out being a superhero for a while, or Kate and the Immortal having to do more supervillain-y things for Paul's sake, or the three of them in the underground revolution! Again, anything would be amazing.

  • Paul Cha/Best Tiger: Best Tiger is another one of my absolute favorites; I love how he talks, his excellent skills, his complete badassery in every single moment of his life. I’d love to see him and Multi-Paul meet, and I love the idea of them throwing down in an epic fight that ends in epic, violent, dirtybadwrong sex. I don't care how, when, or where this happens: Best Tiger taking down the Order or being captured by them, a chance meeting while Best Tiger is with the Guardians, IN SPACE.

  • Mark/Rex, Rudy/Rex: Okay, I miss Rex so badly -- after a less-than-glorious start, just when he was proving himself to be actually a pretty awesome guy and a great hero, he has to go and have a heroic death! So fic set before his death, or him coming back to life somehow because comics, would be fabulous. I ship him and Mark like whoa based on their brief connection, and I’d love something happy and/or smutty with the use of powers. Also, Rudy/Rex because imagine how weird it would be to come back from the dead and find out that your former teammate has cloned your body and is walking around in it. So. Weird. (But also kind of oddly hot if your ego is big enough, and I feel like Rex’s definitely is.)

  • William/Rick, William/Rick/Mark: Give my canon gays some normalcy and happiness, or brushes with superheroics and happiness, or kidfic and happiness, or the two of them trying to bring Mark in on a threeway because I kind of always thought that was going to happen eventually… and happiness! Smut, domesticity, fluff, all of it would be great.

  • Mauler/Mauler Clone: Which is which may be debatable and ever-changing, but I just love these villains and I’d be up for anything with them. A day in the lab doing mad science, a fight with Invincible, or a quiet evening at whatever passes for home, with added bonus clonecest. Yay.

Black Jack Justice (Podcast)
Jack Justice/Victor Sabian, Jack Justice/Trixie Dixon/Victor Sabian, Jack Justice/Trixie Dixon, Jack Justice & Trixie Dixon

  • For this series I am so easy, and I'd love to read just anything with these three characters! I love the constant bickering and antagonism among all three of them, but it's also clear that Jack and Trixie (and Sabien, when they inevitably need his help cracking the case) make such a perfect team and care about each other as much as they do about solving crime. Anything from a little casefic, to downtime on a rainy day, or getting arrested for the umpteenth time and having Sabien yell at the PIs, to true danger and hurt/comfort, to getting cozy and smutty together in any combination! I would also love Sabien's daughter (rarely mentioned, never appears on the airwaves) to meet Jack and/or Trixie and be totally wise to their relationship with her dad like the budding detective she could very well be. Seriously though, this is one of my favorite fiction podcasts and I would be over the moon to read more fic for it!

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men (Podcast)
Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau/Sexy Dracula, Angry Claremontian Narrator/Sexy Dracula, Angry Claremontian Narrator & Simonsonian Narrator, Harvey & Janet

  • So this podcast is my X-Men crack and I love all the little recurring narratives Jay and Miles have come up with about their favorite minor characters and concepts. I especially adore the voices they do at the end of each show, as you can see! I would love to read something about Sexy Dracula seducing Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau or the Angry Claremontian Narrator in a very meta fashion; I feel like that would be ridiculous and fun any way you want to write it. Follow your heart, as Sexy Dracula would say. Or Harvey and Janet, the best Hellfire Club henchmen ever, spending time together and being good buddies either on the job or in civilian life. I also think it would be amazing if they met up with some other Marvel henchmen, like Bob, Agent of HYDRA (or Hank Johnson, also Agent of HYDRA, if you read his hilarious one-shot from last year or so!) and complained about their respective supervillain bosses, lmao.

Julio Richter (Marvel 616)/Dick Grayson (DCU), Jack Justice (Black Jack Justice) & Jamie Madrox (Marvel 616), Jamie Madrox (Marvel 616)/Kate Cha (Invincible)/Paul Cha (Invincible), Jean-Paul Beaubier (Marvel 616)/Paul Cha (Invincible), Chato Santana (Suicide Squad 2016)/Bobby Drake (Marvel 616), Bobby Drake (All New X-Men)/Bobby Drake (Marvel 616), Lando Calrissian (Star Wars)/Scott Summers (X-Men Movies), Kilgrave (Jessica Jones) & Kara Killgrave (Marvel 616), Shen Kuei (Marvel 616)/Best Tiger (Invincible), Shen Kuei (Marvel 616) & Best Tiger (Invincible), Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau (Jay & Miles)/James Bradley (Marvel 616)

  • Julio Richter (Marvel)/Dick Grayson (DC): I ship weird things! Yes! Strange but true! I would love to read anything with the pair of them meeting at any point. I am not at all picky about what canon or what era you pull either of them from; I think Ric and Dick meeting when they're both kids and superheroes-in-training would be amazing, or them meeting as adults while crimefighting and maybe teaming up both on the streets and between the sheets? Seriously, let your imagination go wild, I would love any fic at all with this unlikely pairing. :)

  • Jack Justice & Jamie Madrox (Marvel): Two private eyes, one who is self-referentially and sometimes ironically hardboiled and one who really really wishes he had been born in the right era for that, meeting up and solving a case together! I'd also love to see the whole Justice team (Jack, Trixie, Lt. Sabien, the mighty King) and the whole X-Factor team (any variation you like) somehow getting together for crime-solving and related hijinks, possibly through time travel? Again, just anything would be amazing.

  • Jamie (Marvel)/Kate/Paul (Invincible): Okay, so you know how I have a thing for twisted twincest and clonecest? Imagine my guilty joy at the thought of Multiple Man, Dupli-Kate, AND Multi-Paul gettin' it on. They all have the same powerset, which would make for an incredibly confusing, incredibly numerous, and incredibly hot menage a trois... or menage a however many of them it is physically possible to get in there, idk! For how to get them together, maybe Kate and Paul are teenaged mutants who make their way to Muir Island when Jamie is helping out Moira studying mutations there, and they all work out how to use their common mutation for fun, profit, and sexy times?? Or something during X-Factor when they're all adults, maybe the Chas get involved in one of Jamie's cases or, literally, just anything you can dream up.

  • Jean-Paul Beaubier/Paul Cha: Again with the Invincible/Marvel mutant mashups. I ship Jean-Paul with just everybody and I think these two have a bit in common: they both have difficult-to-deal-with twin sisters, they both have prickly personalities and have wavered on both sides of the hero/villain divide. I would love to see maybe Jean-Paul on any of his teams trying to apprehend Paul during one of his villainous schemes, a game of cat and mouse between them that blossoms into hatesex? Any PWP would also be amazing because I love both of their powersets. IDK, do what you will!

  • Chato Santana/Bobby Drake: So, hear me out, ever since the original X-Men movies made me an Iceman/Pyro shipper, I have steadfastly shipped Bobby with anybody with fire powers especially villains, and El Diablo's compelling story and self-sacrifice in the Suicide Squad movie made me love him too. What if Chato came back to life somehow missing his memories, or not but keeping quiet about who and what he is, and the X-Men assumed he was a mutant and took him in as they do, and he and Bobby got to be friends and then ~more~? I don't care if this is regular!Bobby, All-New!Bobby, movies!Bobby... I'm not familiar with the DC comics version of Chato's character, but feel free to pull from whatever canon you like and I'll catch up. <3 Just an interesting pairing, IMO, and I'd love to see whatever comes from it.

  • Bobby Drake (All-New)/Bobby Drake (616): So you know how I like clonecest? Turns out that time-travel-enabled selfcest is also a thing I'm totally into, and I would love, love, love to read about young!Bobby taking the reins and showing older!Bobby that it is totally cool to be into dick, especially when the dick in question is your alternate-timeline self's. Or something. Feel free to play around with this any way you like, I'm not picky!

  • Lando Calrissian/Scott Summers: I never knew I wanted this until I saw it in the tagset, but okay, you know how Scott's dad is a badass spaceship captain/pirate/superhero and in the comics Scott occasionally accompanies him and the Starjammers around space? I think it's totally plausible that they could meet up with Lando, whether in his early days as a smuggler or as his older Baron self with the amazing cape in Cloud City. And Lando seducing the straight-edge Scott is now high on my list of crossover OTPs, thanks nominator! (I also think that Lando and Corsair are, like, way too alike in their costume choices, space-pirate lifestyles, and amazing mustaches for this not to come up, so if you want to pull in Scott's daddy issues that would be beyond cool with me!)

  • Kilgrave (Tennant) & Kara Killgrave (comics): This request is largely me wondering how Kara Killgrave, one of my favorite ladies with supervillain powers who has often wavered over the line between hero and villain, might fit into the world of the Netflix MCU. Kara has had dealings with her father in the comics, and has fought him a time or two, but I would love to see that relationship reimagined in a world where the Purple Man isn't literally purple (and Kara presumably isn't, either?) and his powers are hardly more than an unbelievable rumor to the general public rather than well-known and feared. You could go in any direction with this and bring in any characters (Jessica and Trish, or Kara's mother and the Purple Children) and I would love to read it!

  • Shen Kuei/Best Tiger, Shen Kuei & Best Tiger: I love both of these dudes in their amazing badass competency, and I think it would be awesome if they could somehow meet and have a moment. Action/adventure, one of the Cat's heist's interrupted by Best Tiger, or the two of them having to work together against a greater evil in Hong Kong's seedy underworld? Or maybe the Cat contracts with the Guardians for whatever reason. I would adore any kind of relationship between them, with or without smut.

  • Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau/James Bradley: I think this could be a cracky, fun ship between two geniuses of the Marvel Universe, and I think Dr. Nemesis being jealous because Dr. Corbeau LITERALLY DOES EVERYTHING and trying to one-up him would be hilarious. Please yes. Anything. Especially since Dr. Corbeau is just a human and not even self-evolved, and I feel like Nemesis would be completely infuriated when he manages to be perfect every time anyway and above such petty squabbles. All the scientific bickering and haughtiness and mad science! Yes!