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Yuletide 2015: Dear Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! I'm so glad we matched on one of these awesome fandoms, and I can't wait to read the lovely story you write for me. I put a literal ton of prompts for each fandom because I'm like that, but if you have a totally different story you want to write about my requested characters, feel absolutely free to do so! I'm very open to any rating, any style, any genre, and I love being surprised -- please just steer clear of my DNWs and I'll be happy!

Things I love: If I actually went through everything I loved, this would be a long list because I really enjoy all kinds of fic with very few exceptions. My particular turn-ons include: tropiness and fanfic cliches, comic-book-style OTT ridiculousness, quiet thoughtful character studies, banter and bickering and Belligerent Sexual Tension, hurt/comfort, stylistic standbys like Five Times + One Time fic, crossovers and AUs, holiday fic of any stripe, happy endings, heartbreaking endings, people who care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, teenagers being dumb teenagers and fumbling around trying to figure stuff out, smart people being brilliant in their own specific ways but maybe also pretty clueless in other ways, time travel/space travel/dimension hopping, friends to lovers, magic and weird science and other handwavy explanations for comic-book plots.

Turn-offs and DNWs: Rape and non-con, and generally dub-con (except for obviously tropey ridiculousness such as sex pollen, which I will never not read). Horror, zombies, excessive gore (people get hurt in my fandoms and I'm fine with that, but please don't take delight in carnage).

With no further ado, here are my fandom-specific requests:

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Doreen Green, Nancy Whitehead, Tomas Lara-Perez, Ken Shiga

I am in love with this hilarious, clever, big-hearted comic about the superhero who's here to eat nuts and kick butts (but really would prefer to solve problems creatively if fighting can be avoided!) and her college friends. I requested the human members of the gang, and anything about them would be great -- defeating any existing Marvel villain (or discovering a new campy animal-themed one you make up!), hanging out with the Avengers or Spider-Man or taking a field trip to Asgard, meeting any of the other "new generation" of Marvel heroes like Kamala Khan or Cindy Moon. Time-travel or dimensional shenanigans are always fun, or what about an AU with the gang as Indiana Jones-style adventurers or IN SPAAACE or in the 1602 universe? Or, honestly, just these kids studying together and being awesome friends in the more mundane parts of their lives would be great. Or what Nancy's fanfiction looks like in the wake of the Cat Thor incident.

I ship Doreen/Tomas and Doreen/Nancy and Tomas/Ken and the OT4, and I'd love shipfic that gets any of those combos together. I love Doreen's adorable crush on Tomas and how he's clearly into her as well -- comic misunderstandings between them that get cleared up with the assistance of Tippy-Toe and Tomas' chipmunks would be hilarious. Doreen/Nancy are SO GREAT as friends or as more and I adore Doreen's cheery absolute faith in Nancy and Nancy being the voice of reason and snark and the everywoman normal in this band of ridiculous animal-themed supers. I'd love to know how Tomas and Ken became friends/partners before Doreen came along, I'd love to read an early adventure of theirs, and I'd especially love it if they made out once in a while during their superhero-training montage. (As a side note, Koi Boy's jokey unexplored power of "slowly growing to fit his container" is incredibly intriguing to me despite being just one throwaway line that may never come up again, and I would so love to see that become useful somehow in superheroing. Or in smut. Just sayin', friend.)

For this fandom, I DNW: violence more graphic/extreme than in canon, PWP, crossovers with anything but other Marvel comics, dark!fic.

X-Factor (Comics)
Julio Richter, Shatterstar

I have so many Marvel OTPs, but RicStar is surely at the top of the list. I loved them in X-Force and I cheered out loud when they got that on-panel kiss in X-Factor, and I would really, really love to read just anything more about them as a couple during or after this comic's run. I would love to know what the pair of them are doing now, since they're kind of in comics limbo after their unplanned Mojoworld detour -- are they stuck on Mojoworld (do Star's portals work interdimensionally?) or does Arize send them home, or try to send them home but miss and send them to an alternate dimension instead, and what about the time-travel weirdness anyway? One thing that struck me while thinking about this was that the *first* time Star was sent from Mojoworld to Earth he wound up in the wrong time, too late to get the X-Men who were his original mission; maybe he and Rictor manage to get back but are displaced in time yet again? Maybe they meet their younger selves somehow, or end up in whatever historical period you choose, or the future, or literally anything you want here, seriously. I'd also be interested to know how the other members of X-Factor (or their old X-Force comrades, or anybody else who knew them way back when) would react to seeing RicStar show up alive, possibly years after their apparent deaths. Maybe they show up just in time to crash their own funeral, Huck Finn-style -- that would be delightful. If you'd rather set it during X-Factor, that would also be very cool and I'd love to see them taking center stage in solving a case together and beating up the bad guys, or just hanging out on the couch watching movies. Feel free to add in any other characters from the X-Factor gang; I love them all, seriously.

I also have some weird crossover/fusion/AU yens for this fandom which I feel like I should apologize for, but if you're up for that, read on. I'd love to see them in any noirish or hard-boiled fandom because 1) Jamie would flip and 2) Star would be all over that, am I right? My faves are the Black Jack Justice podcast from Decoder Ring Theater and the fictional Dixon Hill mysteries from Star Trek: TNG (how meta is that?). Or RicStar in space fandoms like Firefly, Star Trek: TOS or TNG or Voyager, Star Wars, my new love Jupiter Ascending; or a historical/fantasy fandom like Temeraire, Pirates of the Caribbean, or 1602; or action-adventure memetic stories like Robin Hood or the Round Table or the Wild West or generic pirate ship; or show me how they would fit into other Marvel properties like Agents of SHIELD/the X-Men movies/X-Men: TAS if they ever were to show up there! I feel like the inter-dimensional shenanigans could set it up for Ric and Star actually traveling to completely different canons, or you could just Danger Room/Holodeck it because they are fanboy dorks and would love that. Also, I headcanon that The Princess Bride is their go-to movie for date night on the couch and I would love some sort of crossover/fusion, because Shatterstar swordfighting Inigo would make me the happiest lady on this or any alternate Earth.

For this fandom, I DNW: excessive homophobia causing angst, PWP, unhappy endings.

The Twelve (Comics)
Any character(s)

So I know requesting The Twelve is a long shot even for Yuletide, because this comic is obscure and had a not-so-great publication history and probably nobody but me is really that excited about it, but! "They are yesterday's men of tomorrow -- today!" is such an excellent premise and the characters are so great and fun and tragic all at once, and I'm just really, really fond of this comic. I've requested any character; the ones I nominated are Rockman ("Daniel Rose"... maybe?), the Black Widow (Claire Voyant), the Phantom Reporter (Dick Jones), and Captain Wonder (Steve Jordan... I totally didn't catch that his name got changed from Jeff Jordan, oops, sorry about how it's listed in the tagset!), because they're my favorites, but feel free to write about anybody else instead of or in addition to any of these. Except maybe the Laughing Mask, whose story I found a bit repellent and too Watchmen-y for my taste. I haven't read the Golden Age source material for any of these characters, but if you want to delve into that stuff, feel free! I'd love to learn more about any of them.

I'd love to read something set after the series for any of these characters. Some specific ideas: Rockman is my unabashed favorite; I really love both the "Rockman" and the "Daniel Rose" versions of his story, and especially how the comic book melded them, and I ADORE how the series left his final fate open to speculation. I really want to believe that Abyssmia is real and his little princess never stopped looking for him, and found him in the end. Their reunion, please? And just life in Abyssmia and how subterranean life has changed in the 70+ years since Rockman was lost would be amazing if you want to expand on the tiny sliver of what we know about the underground kingdom. For the Phantom Reporter and Black Widow, their epic love story along with the continuing adventures of Fire and Shadow, older-and-wiser superheroes just trying to make it in this brave new world! I would love to see any moments in their relationship and hero-partnership, especially how Dick adjusts to going from a non-powered reporter to a fire-themed hero, or how Claire's deal with the devil affects both of them. (And if you're up for a little smut with your character exploration, maybe some fire and brimstone in the bedroom?) And for Captain Wonder, I'd love to see him get some peace and happiness somehow, maybe through helping Dick and Claire in their new jobs with EXC Enterprises as PIs, or through mentoring a new young hero like he did his old sidekick Tim. I love his friendship with Dick, and that's also a pairing I would definitely support.

I'd love to see how any of the characters fit into the larger modern Marvel world: at the tail end of the comic we saw the Witness meet Nick Fury and go off to join SHIELD, for example. I wonder if any of the Initiative teams ever tried to recruit Captain Wonder and how that turned out, or if Dick and Claire had a run-in with that other supernatural PI firm, X-Factor! I'm also really into Captain Wonder with any teen heroes, like the Runaways or the Young Avengers, or meeting (old) Captain America, to whom he's so similar.

For this fandom, I DNW: PWP, crossovers with anything but other Marvel comics, pure fluff.