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Yuletide 2011: Dear Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my second time playing in the Yuletide sandbox, and I'm possibly even more excited this year than last year. I want you to know that I'm so, so thrilled that you share one of my tiny fandoms, and I will be absolutely giddy to read any fic at all for any of these. So if you have a fic you're dying to write in any of the following fandoms and it's not something I've suggested below, I hereby give you full permission to disregard my character requests and/or optional-details-which-are-optional and just write whatever it is that makes you happy. Because, guess what, that will make me happy, too. :)

In general, things I love but which are totally not required to include: I adore ship-centric fic, especially slash. Smut is fun, but I generally like the less-explicit kind of smut, not utter porn; I love reading about the buildup and the aftermath more than the sex act itself. I love humor and angst about equally, so light fic or dark fic is fine with me! I am a sucker for hurt/comfort of any kind. Sexual tension is so much fun. Character-driven fic is super awesome, even more so than plot-based fic. I love geeky little details or asides, especially relating to history or anything that's important to the character, but don't feel obligated to do tons of research on an obscure subject or anything unless you're into that. I love crossovers, alternate universes, and improbable happenstances, so really, if you like any of that, I will never complain if you go wild (and if you want to do a crossover, please do go for it!). There are lots of other things I love, but it would take so long to get into them; I've put some more in my fandom-specific notes.

In general, things I'm not particularly into: While explicit sex and kink have their place and I have definitely been known to enjoy a PWP or two, that's not really what I'm looking for in any of these fandoms. While I like suspense and twistiness and dark interpretations of characters or canon that gives me the shivers, I'm not into horror. Also, I don't like zombies. Just throwing that out there.

Fandom: Alpha Flight
Characters: Jean-Paul Beaubier, Kyle Jinadu
Focusing on vol. 4 (the current maxi-series): In celebration of Jean-Paul finally having a boyfriend with a name, a personality, and a really awesome haircut, I would love something focusing on JP and Kyle, or even just on Kyle.

Expanded optional details which are optional: By selecting Kyle as one of my characters, hopefully I've indicated that I'd really like something that deals specifically with volume 4 of the Alpha Flight comics. In celebration of Jean-Paul's boyfriend finally getting a last name and a personality, not to mention his first on-panel kiss with JP which made a million fangirl hearts go pitter-pat, I would love to see some fic about the two of them. I have no preference whether this happens pre-series, in the misty and hopefully happy future (assuming they have a future together), or whenever. It would be especially awesome to read something from Kyle's perspective or focusing on him, but anything would be grand.

HOWEVER, I know that writing fic for vol. 4 when the current plot arc isn't yet resolved and we don't yet know all the details of what's going on with Unity!Kyle and all that might be a daunting prospect, and I totally understand that. If you're not feeling the current storyline (or you hate Kyle, or just are more interested in classic 'Flight than the new version, which is totally understandable!), please do feel free to ignore the Kyle request and focus on anything in the series which is near and dear to your heart. I love nearly every single character in Alpha Flight Classic and would rejoice to read fic about Marrina coming into her own as a rad and powerful alien chick rather than just a love interest and rabid monster, for example, or about Puck running around the world being a short but dashing adventurer in his pre-Alpha days. Or maybe you want to do something with the severely under-utilized characters in Omega Flight (I think Flashback especially could star in an awesomely crazy time-travel or dimension-hopping story!), or write some Bochs & Jeffries buddy-fic, or dream up a fabulous crossover and let Alpha Flight tangle with your favorite villains and/or good guys from another canon.

Fandom: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Characters: Gordito Delgado, Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja
I would love to read fic set in the "Futures Trading"-arc dystopian alternate future, focusing around Gordito and DSP and their adventures in leading the human resistance against their cruel space-dinosaur overlords. I can't help but make them into a romantic couple in my mind (hey, they're adults in the future, you know!) and would be tickled by some kind of relationship between them, but I also love them as buddies/adopted family, so either way is fine by me.

Expanded optional details which are optional: So Gordito and DSP being closet geeks together really appeals to me. I love their friendship, and the slash fangirl in me would love to see those hugs taken a little further (when they're adults; I would really prefer no underage stuff), but if you're not into that, no worries! I enjoy them just being kind of adopted family members as well. For this one, something as wacky and wild as the comic would be choice -- bring on the adventure, the stunts, the madcap rescue missions, the head-slicing, the clones, the holograms, the robot bears, the giant lumberjacks!

Really, any fanfic here would be fantastic. (I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, BUT it's still true!) Other prompts, in case you might find one of these more fun to write: The love story of Dan and Mitzi (especially Mitzi -- how in the world does one marry into the McNinja clan, where did she come from, how did she become a ninja, what is really going on with her pickled beets... etc.!). Doc's childhood -- bonus points if, like, he's actually met Batman and his obsession with the guy is explained. Or Dracula and his moon base and the wacky things he observes down below on earth. Or Judy's story. Anything. I promise.

Fandom: Intelligence (TV)
Characters: Bob Tremblay
You know what, guys? I like Bob. A lot. I'd love to read more about him. My ultimate wish would be a post-series fic about how Jimmy's organization deals with the shocking event at the very end of the series finale, but I love the whole rest of the 'family', too -- Ronnie and Sweet and that very sharp young lawyer, in particular.

Expanded optional details which are optional: I am a sucker for the trope of the crime family which is an actual family in how its members are emotionally close and loyal and all that, and the Reardon organization hits that button in a big way. I love how Jimmy interacts with his crew. And I love Bob for being calm, quiet, loyal and just insanely competent at what he does. Really, I would read anything set in the Intelligence universe with glee, but Bob is my very very favorite. His Special Forces background, how he met Jimmy and became his chief enforcer, his relationships with women (Francine once says that Lorna isn't Bob's usual type -- I always kind of hoped this meant he liked sane, smart, put-together women. Or maybe she was inferring that he's not really into women at all. I am for het OR slash for Bob, because basically he just needs more love.)

As I said above, I would love something set after the series finale. (If you haven't seen the show, please don't read this next part! Here, I'll even put it in spoiler text to save you from yourself:) [I can never decide whether I want Jimmy to survive after being shot by the Americans at the end of the episode and come back and lay a beatdown on those jerks, or whether I want him to die and leave his organization scrambling to fill the void. Really, I'm fine with either way, so however you interpret that is okay with me. I'd love to see how his organization deals with the aftermath, and I would particularly enjoy reading about Bob taking center stage and becoming a leader, or grieving while not letting that get in the way of doing what has to be done for the family. Or hanging out with Stella, or dealing with the Disciples, or... whatever!]

Basically, anything will make me so, so thrilled. Maybe you'd rather focus on Mary and Martin and Ted and the rest of the CSIS/OCU cast. Maybe you want to write about Stella growing up and whether she follows her dad's footsteps into the criminal world. Maybe you want to write about Jimmy and Francine's early relationship and just how it got so bad between them. Anything. Honestly. <3