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Chocolate Box 2016: Dear Writer

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am very easy to please and will love anything you want to write, I promise. My only DNWs are noncon (except powers-related for Kara Killgrave; dubcon is generally fine, though), noncanonical character death, horror, zombies, and excessive gore. There are about a million things I like and not very many things I don’t, so I’ll just copy my general-likes section from fandom_stocking:

Total AUs, crossovers and fusions, hurt/comfort, competence, adventure, swashbuckling, noir, any and all time-honored fanfic tropes, comic-book ridiculousness, magic and weird science, 5 Times + 1 Time fic, banter/bickering/Belligerent Sexual Tension, teenagers being teenagery and dumb, friends to lovers, people who really care deeply about each other but Cannot Spit It Out, geniuses being kind of clueless, mentor/student relationships, UST, RST, travel in space and time and dimensions, True Companions, happy endings, sad endings, canonical character death and rolling around in those emotions (IDK I like to be sad), fix-it fic for said canonical character death (ANGELO, MY BABY ;_;), kidfic, curtainfic, domesticity. I adore drabbles and poetry so, so much.

Now for my fandoms and characters/pairings:

Marvel 616
Alpha Flight Classic: Jean-Paul Beaubier/Walter Langkowski, Jean-Paul Beaubier/Walter Langkowski/Jeanne-Marie Beabier, Kara Killgrave/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Heather MacNeil Hudson/James MacDonald Hudson, Logan/Heather MacNeil Hudson/James MacDonald Hudson, Kara Killgrave/Heather MacNeil Hudson
  • Jean-Paul/Walter and Jean-Paul/Walter/Aurora: a messed-up dynamic, with Aurora in the middle of everything for the guys even when she’s not in the room, and kind of delighting in the emotional rollercoaster she puts her brother and her lover through. The issue where Walter died (remember that fun time?) and Jean-Paul told Aurora that he’d loved him too -- augh, my freaking heart is two sizes too small to deal with all this. Anything angsty and twisty would be perfect: manipulation, dubcon, something with Walt’s animal urges as the Sasquatch transformation gets more difficult to control, Aurora’s fractured mind and personality, Jean-Paul being jealous of Aurora for having Walt’s love and jealous of Walt for having Aurora’s??? Or Jean-Paul/Walt in something slightly more fluffy and healthy during one of Aurora’s many disappearances.

  • Kara/Jean-Paul and Kara/Heather: Okay, so I kind of adore Kara in all her guises - the selfish young teen trying to figure out how to use her supervillain dad’s powers for good but slipping up a LOT because it’s too easy to use them for bad, the capable member of Beta Flight itching to move up to the big leagues, the anti-Unity freedom fighter/villain/maybe even hero? from the Fear Itself maxi. I actually really love her first appearance when she made Jean-Paul “play Adam and Eve” with her on that tropical island utopia because what else is a hormone-crazed teenaged girl going to do with powers like hers, and I’d love to see that episode expanded on, or repeated once she’s older and less innocent/conflicted about what she wants from him? (I like it when Jean-Paul hurts, you see. Sorry.) On the femslashy side of the coin, I love Heather as her teacher, mentor, role model, mother figure, and I’d love a fic about their relationship getting a little more intimate. Kara as initiator, please, and I’m okay with any level of consent or powers-related non-consent from Heather.

  • Heather/Mac and Logan/Heather/Mac: Heather and Mac are my AF power couple, M/M/F is my everything when it comes to triangles, and I really love the early issues of Alpha Flight that delve into the Hudsons’ tumultuous history with Wolverine, especially his attraction to Heather. (She’s a redhead. It’s his thing.) I’d love, love, love to read anything with these characters. /unhelpful Seriously, though, jealousy and barely-contained violence seem to be my watchwords for older Marvel relationships and any of that is great with these people. OR, Heather/Mac at any stage of their relationship, from the very early how-they-got-together days through the myriad deaths, cyborgifications, clonings, separations, reunions, pregnancy, parenthood, and ultimate betrayal that was their marriage. If you’re into AF volume 4, the Fear Itself maxi, I’d especially like to know where they can go after Heather’s defection to Unity, what happens to her and baby Claire, and whether Mac ever reunites with his wife and daughter. Or fix that mess (maybe Heather was mind-controlled when she betrayed AF, or it was a Doombot or something, idek) and let them be happy for a while! Fluff or angst or whatever, I’m game for all of it.

X-Factor vol. 1: Julio Richter & Hank McCoy, Julio Richter/Rusty Collins, Julio Richter/Bobby Drake
  • Can I just talk about Rictor for a minute? I loved him from X-Force and the third volume of X-Factor before I ever read the first volume, in which he made his first-ever appearance way back in 1987 as a terrified kidnapped teenaged mutant, and my heart just broke for him from that first issue. He and the rest of the kids had so much trauma to heal from when they were first picked up as wards by the original-X-Men-turned-X-Factor, and while I love everything good that happened to him recently through Shatterstar and X-Factor Investigations and RicStar is my OTP to end all OTPs, I’d love to see him get a little happiness back in the bad old days before Star ever came to Earth. With Rusty, because Heroes Love Redheads (and Rictor loves redheads exclusively, it seems) and he always seemed to look up to Rusty and want to prove himself to him. With Iceman, the youngest original X-Man and maybe the one with the most personal empathy for a lost scared youngster with all that power he doesn’t know how to deal with. Or friendship/mentorship with Beast, with whom he sometimes seemed to have a special bond: playing checkers in the hospital wing, getting a big furry hug, just feeling safe for once. Aww. All the fluff and hurt/comfort and baby-gay discoveries and 80s-ness would be great.

Generation X: Angelo Espinosa/Jono Starsmore, Angelo Espinosa/Everett Thomas, Sean Cassidy & Angelo Espinosa
  • And as you can probably tell, Angelo is my GenX baby. I love the grey stretchy guy to bits; don’t even get me started on how mad it makes me every time I think about how he got screwed over by X-Men comics (I am looking at you, Chuck Austen). And I love his special bond with Jono, the other misshapen misfit, and his bro-ship with Everett, Mr. Perfect who can do everything better than everybody else. I’d love literally anything for either of those pairings: a quiet moment between team adventures, an adventure of their own (the more 90s the better), something sad, something fluffy, maybe a fix-it for Ange and Ev’s deaths or something where they come back to life somehow, because COMICS. Also, Angelo’s ‘spy training’ with Banshee is one of my favorite things, and I’d really love to see more of that mentoring relationship for all the squishy nostalgia feels with two characters I really miss. <3

X-Club, Cable & X-Force: James Bradley/Forge, James Bradley & Empathic Starfish
  • Dr. Nemesis! I love this guy in everything he touches and I just want more of his snark and attitude and ridiculous ego. My headcanon is that the empathic starfish from X-Club is now his pet and best friend, and anything with the two of them bickering in the style of the comics would be grand. And this is a long shot because I feel like nobody even read Cable & X-Force, much less liked it, but I was so enamored with Nemesis and Forge’s cantankerous bickering and oneupmanship and SCIENCE BATTLES in that title and I ship them like whoa. Just… battle mech, dinosaurs, clones, spaceships, making out, yeah, anything here would make my LIFE.

Invincible (Comics)
Kate Cha & Paul Cha, Kate Cha/Paul Cha, Kate Cha/The Immortal, Mark Grayson/Rex Splode, Mark Grayson/Samantha Eve Wilkins/Rex Splode, Mauler/Mauler Clone, Paul Cha/Best Tiger, Rudy Conners/Rex Splode, William Clockwell/Rick Sheridan
  • Kate & Paul, Kate/Paul: Kate has grown into one of my favorite characters in this whole enormous series, and I just love the protective relationship between her and her brother Multi-Paul. I’m in this for the platonic sibling relationship as well as the fucked-up twincest/clonecest possibilities, and I’d love to read anything about their teenaged years as a crime-fighting duo, or their split as Kate went into big-league heroing and Paul became a villainous henchman, or family feels with Kate’s babies (has Paul even met his niece and nephew?). Anything here, seriously.

  • Kate/The Immortal: I love them, their marriage, their kids, their leadership in the superhero underground in the latest story arc… anything about their life together. Fluff, angst (how many times has The Immortal watched Dupli-Kate get brutally killed, and vice versa, and how do they deal with that?), adventures, dirty smut with multiple Kates, unf.

  • Mark/Eve/Rex, Mark/Rex, Rudy/Rex: Okay, I miss Rex so badly -- after a less-than-glorious start, just when he was proving himself to be actually a pretty awesome guy and a great hero, he has to go and have a heroic death! So fic set before his death, or him coming back to life somehow because comics, would be fabulous. I ship him and Mark like whoa based on their brief connection, and the threesome with Eve because Eve is just great and I love that both of the guys appreciate that, and I’d love something happy and/or smutty with the use of powers. Also, Rudy/Rex because imagine how weird it would be to come back from the dead and find out that your former teammate has cloned your body and is walking around in it. So. Weird. (But also kind of oddly hot if your ego is big enough, and I feel like Rex’s definitely is.)

  • William/Rick: Give my canon gays some normalcy and happiness, or brushes with superheroics and happiness, or kidfic and happiness, or the two of them trying to bring Mark in on a threeway because I kind of always thought that was going to happen eventually… and happiness! Smut, domesticity, fluff, all of it would be great.

  • Paul Cha/Best Tiger: Best Tiger is another one of my absolute favorites; I love how he talks, his excellent skills, his complete badassery in every single moment of his life. I’d love to see him and Multi-Paul meet, and I love the idea of them throwing down in an epic fight that ends in epic, violent, dirtybadwrong sex. I don't care how, when, or where this happens: Best Tiger taking down the Order or being captured by them, a chance meeting while Best Tiger is with the Guardians, IN SPACE.

  • Mauler/Mauler Clone: Which is which may be debatable and ever-changing, but I just love these villains and I’d be up for anything with them. A day in the lab doing mad science, a fight with Invincible, or a quiet evening at whatever passes for home, with added bonus clonecest. Yay.

The Lions of Al-Rassan - Guy Gavriel Kay
Rodrigo Belmonte/Jehane bet Ishak/Ammar ibn Khairan, Rodrigo Belmonte & Jehane bet Ishak & Ammar ibn Khairan, Rodrigo Belmonte/Ammar ibn Khairan, Jehane bet Ishak/Ammar ibn Khairan, Rodrigo Belmonte/Jehane bet Ishak
  • This book tore my heart out and stomped all over it with its glorious tragic OT3, and I really would like to read more about any combination of characters here. The friendship among all three of them -- glorious! True Love among the three of them taking any form you’d like -- amazing! All the separate ships… I feel like Kay really pushed Ammar/Rodrigo as the great epic romance here, despite the endgame het ship, but anything works for me because I just love them all so much. Work with the book’s gorgeously sad ending or fix it so they all survive somehow, I don’t mind either way. Much as I love the book’s setting, I’d definitely be up for a total AU as well: modern-day, space opera, whatever you like.

The Mysteries of Udolpho - Ann Radcliffe
Montoni/Cavigni, Count Morano/Cavigni
  • This book is all about the villains for me. I can take or leave Emily and Valancourt, but Montoni and Cavigni fascinate me and I ship them so hard I'd love some backstory for the two of them, how they got together (I would particularly love it if they first got together when Cavigni was a teenager, with Montoni being a decade his senior- this book has been instrumental in developing my thoughts on their early relationship), or a hedonistic interval in Venice, gambling and drinking and becoming ridiculously melodramatic aristocratic bandits, and also Cavigni being hopelessly in love with Montoni forever, aughhh. Maybe an AU where they get to live relatively happily ever after somehow? I also just love the duel between Montoni and Count Morano and how Cavigni saves the count, and I'd really like for maybe them to have a torrid affair as well during/after this episode. Anything angsty, twisted, dark, or painful would be amazing for either of these pairings.

Elysium (2013)
Max Da Costa/Julio
  • I walked out of the theater the first time I saw Elysium pretty convinced that Julio was in love with Max; I adore these two and their intense loyalty toward each other, and anything that gets them together would be fabulous. I'd be happier with a fic without Kruger in it, but Frey and Matilda or Spider and his crew would definitely be appreciated. Getting-together fic, with crime and adventure on bad old Earth. Julio being in love with Max forever and how and when Max realizes or reciprocates (and if this leads to dirty porn I am all for it, just to note). Or an AU in which both of them survive the movie and how two people who've spent their lives surviving the criminal underworld could actually survive on Elysium or back on the not-quite-as-nasty version of Earth post-movie.